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OH! Heavens. I come across as a real downer here.

My wife and I still go out, and our relationship is quite good and very fulfilling. Actually, we had an absolutely delightful dinner 'n a movie earlier this week. We talk regularly, etc. In many ways, our pre-poly and current relationship to one another are indistinguishable. Just there's a new topic of conversation.

When I say I'm feeling lost, what I mean is that she's out and about, and would rather date independently, and has mentioned that it is a part of her life that she very much wants to be "hers." I can respect that. I'm also interested in trying to date some, but am finding myself at a loss on meeting people (and I'm fairly confident that my wife would be ok with it if I did), especially people who would be cool with me being married.

Perhaps my wanting to date others as a couple is me using my wife as a social crutch? I'm pretty shy, so that might be part of it. But another part is definitely that, I guess, I'm not sure where to start. I did some research on "lifestyle" clubs for meeting people, but couples attendance seems to be perennially required. And, well, as in starting any new venture in one's life, I'm just a little nervous.

(Also, to clarify, she's not dating a coworker. She produces videos and independent films as a sideline/hobby. They met working on a project together.)

Sorry if I came off as unnecessarily down.
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