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I find this:
Originally Posted by MissScarlett View Post
This upsets me a lot because we are just getting back on track in our relationship after he broke a promise he made this summer (with a different partner), and compromised my trust in him.
and this:
Originally Posted by MissScarlett View Post
I don't get why is is hiding this, he doesn't even have to.
...disconcerting. Personally, I don't need or want to know every detail of my hubby's dating life, but the agreement we have is that we don't actively hide anything. It sounds like your agreement is similar. If I were in the same situation, I would have the conversation sooner rather than later. Broken trust is very difficult to rebuild. It would be better to make your concerns and expectations known very clearly ASAP, before he breaks trust again if possible. And he can rebut with requests for privacy if need be, but you should definitely talk about it. If you feel you can't talk about it openly with him for some reason, then that is a different issue that might need addressing.

He may not even know why he kept their emails hidden. Talking through it in a supportive, constructive way can potentially help him to sort through his own feelings about Mary.
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