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I think Greenbean could tell the friend -- "Thanks, but not interested in seeing your toy collection/your hitting on me/your whatever. That's inappropriate for our friendship level/makes me uncomfortable/whatever."

Step it up on the personal boundary line keeping. Everyone has a different comfort zone, and if Greenbean is starting to feel trespassed upon, it's on GB to tell the friend to back up off the line.

In my own life? Show and tell of toys is for lovers not friends.

Friends I might give reviews -- if we go shopping online or in person. If asked I might say "Oh, I have that... I found it to be...." But that's at a bit of distance because we're talking about a new-in-box item. It's not show and tell of the actual one I personally use.

I might tell a friend I love a line of bras/undies. But I'm not going to show and tell the actual ones I have on.

I might tell a friend what BC methods/brands I've tried and worked for me if they ask. But I'm not going to show them a used condom. YKWIM? Sheesh.

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