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Originally Posted by nancyfore View Post
I totally agree... I had to end a marriage to save my poly self, and never regretted a minute of it.. It was hard, and hard on the kids involved but they see and accept a much happier momma..
Likewise. My husband also suggested a 3some after we'd lived together for 2 decades and had 3 children, and he finally accepted I am bisexual. I thought fantasy was well and good, but he wanted to really do it.

We found a woman and tried it, he and she fell in love, she wanted nothing to do with me romantically or sexually. Eek!

He seemed to transfer his loving emotions to only her, since I guess he is really mono and when he fell for her, he seemed to fall out of love with me. He stopped saying I love you, he stopped calling me pet names, wouldnt hold my hand when we walked together, etc etc.

I had them break up but allowed friendship. However it was loveship. He became more passive aggressive to me than ever and we staggered on with counseling and an anti depressant for me for another 10 years. Finally I had enough, and expressed my poly nature (flirting with men online). He couldn't handle that and we broke up, and divorced.

Ironically he was willing to get back together until the day the divorce papers were signed. I was full of relief and have never looked back.
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