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Default looking for someone to talk to

I'm dating a girl who is poly, and I am too. We have been together for two years now. she has not met other during these two years. and not so long ago, I realized that I was not have been really fair with her ​​during those years. she has felt trapped. and when we talked so I said that I should give her more time and more breathing space. and I'm working on it. but it does not feel as if I have her support. to start meeting others. it feels as if she thinks it'll just happen like that. so I'm looking for people I can talk to about this. I do not know who I can talk to I do not know where I'll turn. because I would like to talk to someone who can think to be a bit of mentor for me. I would probably just want try to and overcoming the fears I have. so could anyone help me?

Sincerely raven
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