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Default Hello from Washington!!

Hi there,
I live in Washington state and I hate it. It's so cold and rainy all the time! I am currently in a marriage of (almost) nine years and I have two beautiful children. My wife suggested poly a while ago and I was slow on the uptake, but here I am now embracing the lifestyle. I like to go places and do things as often as possible to keep myself busy.

I'm in the Navy on a Submarine (or susmarine, if you will). I can tell you about my job if you ask, but its pretty boring really. I work long hard days and need to unwind pretty hard at the end of it all.

I play video games (WOW mostly) and love to hang with friends and have bonfires or smoke cigars. I am pretty geeky, but I have mellowed that over the years since high school and its noticeable, but not as much as it used to be. I am a huge fan of all kinds of music and I like movies, but not sitting through them.

Favorite bands are Coheed and Cambria, NERO, Walk Off the Earth, any pure electronic music and most rock.

I am a Freemason and can answer questions about that as I have made some meaningful and lasting relationships there and think it is awesome. I'm here to make friends and connect. I have already made relationship mistakes and want to learn how to not make them in the future.
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