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Originally Posted by BreatheDeeply View Post
So really, you're becoming more uncomfortable with J's position. She can say the word to JP and you might just be history. But in all fairness, you entered the relationship under those terms, so my guess is you're changing and becoming less accepting of the terms as the relationship matures. Well that's pretty understandable considering the type of veto power hanging over you. But have you told either J or JP that you're having second thoughts about your place in the relationship? If it's starting to become awkward you might want to explain to the both o them how the disparity of power makes you feel. Maybe it's time as mentioned in an earlier post for you to assert more control in the future of the relationship.
First, I'd like to make it clear that I'm actually not usually uncomfortable with J's position or find it awkward. I typically look at it as any relationship can end on one person's word - granted, it usually isn't a 3rd person, but still. This is a new relationship with a new dynamic - at this point we are all learning how this will work for the three of us with a LOT of communication on all tiers (thanks GG for your poly math on another thread).

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