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Originally Posted by fleurisseur View Post
hellooooooooo friends

it is interesting to notice that almost all women here, real "polys" or "thinking about it" are bisexual.

(I am going to say it shortly, I could write a book, poetry, on this matter...)

In my opinion this relies on a "female universal psychology" :
the woman is much more able to adapt herself to "changes".

Since millions of years she leaves her house, parents, friends, her personal family name, and even her city. This is a strong push to "change/adaptation".

And this "ability to change" relies on what ?
on "generosity"...

on a much complex "emotion/feeling" system than the male one.

This is essentially why I became a teacher :
apart the (normal) pure teacher's pleasure of "building the progresses of the other one",
I discovered that "the woman is a violin",
and I see my role as "playing the most wonderful symphonies she may sing"...

Additionally I discovered that a woman “loves better” the man that has this skill…

So, back to the point, the woman may easier be BISEXUAL, because she may adapt herself faster/better than a man...

Furthermore (no insult, no offense, it is just something I noticed), bisexual women are "more clever" and "more generous", and have a faster brain.

I could continue for hours on this interesting subject.

Tell me your thoughts, please

If it is NOT interesting, say it.
You made the statement that most women here, feel free to read your original post, are bisexual but have provided no evidence to support that claim. Then you made a few sweeping generalizations about the superiority of bisexual women, once again without any supporting evidence. Now you are claiming that people who don't agree with your opinion are stupid, or closed minded. That's pretty un-nice of you.

You might stimulate more productive dialogue if you had phrased your question more accurately and, rather than make broad generalizations, present more factual supporting points.

You know for fact that the women in your poly family are bisexual. Good point to make. Who can argue with that?

You have noticed the bisexual women who you are involved with are sharper (or however you care to describe them) than other women you know. Also an acceptable statement without coming across as potentially arrogant. One could assume you make good choices in partners, yay you.

You even went so far as to try to equate "real" polys with bisexuality, ruling out at least most straight women by default.

Just my humble opinion: If you are going to make careless statements, be a bit more willing to weather the, what so far have been, relevant and respectful reactions to your statement without implying, however passive-aggressively, that those people are stupid or small-minded.

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