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White, this sounds like a pretty typical situation to and like someone who had an "affair"....going thru counseling, working thru the divorce, the new woman waiting in the wings for the divorce to be final, etc, etc, etc. I guess to your wife this wasn't poly after all but in her eyes and heart, an affair. It seems sometimes that women, more than men I guess, go thru the "I just want things to go back to the way they were" phase. Even my wife did it.....but for some reason our situation and our 3rd seems to lend itself to us still being able to go poly, hopefully forever. In your case, I guess you could start over with your 3rd, just as many marriages do, and I'm sure many poly relationships do too. Unfortunately, there are no guarentees that even you and your 3rd will be together very long. We change, life changes....why can't we all just love and live, happily ever after?
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