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I'm returning to the original article and, IMHO some male gamers are jerks (and even worse then jerks) to women.

Before you flame me for saying that generalisation! Please let me go on... (Digging myself a hole here I'm sure...)
  1. Male Nerds/geeks are largely uncomfortable around women (not all, but many, maybe most - no one knows for sure because there are no studies)
  2. So they usually never make the first move with women in a dating sense.
  3. And therefore have fewer opportunities for meeting the right girl.
  4. And so tend to fixate on the few (or one) girl they know.
  5. And when that doesn't work out, they don't see this as an opportunity to move on, instead, because they know it might be a long time before meeting another girl, they take it very personally. And get very angry. And take it out on women.

There is such a simple solution to this. One that smart guys already know.

MALE GAMERS WHO HATE WOMEN: Put down the controller/mouse. Step away from the game. And go get some dates!!!!!!! OMG. It's so easy, keep up a good, long-term plan to becoming an expert dater. Fix yourself up. Be the guy you know you want to be. Go on dating sites like its a COD Mission. Google "how to date" more then "where to buy WOW gold". ok?

You will get rejected, that's ok, because you are also not asking girls you're not interested in on a 2nd date (get it! Now you're the rejector and they're the rejectee, notice they don't hate men just because some guys don't call them back?)

The above will transform you from a 90lb, girl-hating weeny to a 90lb lover-of-all-things female who has women laughing at your txt jokes (which aren't funny but they laugh anyway cause they LIKE YOU!)

Ok, bit tongue-in-cheek but the point is male gamers who hate women NEED to get a clue about all this. You really don't want to hate women. Why do i say that? cause its 2013 and not 1983, women are AMAZING (so are guys, of course - I never bag my own kind!) and you are not your father's generation. get with the program.

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