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Originally Posted by fleurisseur View Post
it is very funny

whatever I write here, in this forum, there is always someone that comes to say that I am stupid.

Or, in the opposite, is it "the stupid" (= the person that only understands his/her own brain) that comes to show he/she is the stupid one ?

big philosophy problem.............
Funny - I didn't see anyone on this thread write that to you (can you please direct us to to where you saw that?)

And actually, the only possibly disparaging remarks I saw were those that stated that people like me weren't as adaptable (because I'm not a female bisexual). And I think you made those remarks if I'm not mistaken.

Now I've got no problem with you making those remarks (I agree and think women in general are better at many things BUT also worse in other ways then men). They're your opinions. But what's with the victim thing? No one's havin a go at you mate, just a good discussion where each others opinions might be respectfully challenged.

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