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Default two primaries: One partner is sad & lonely when I'm w/the other

I have two primaries, husband and boyfriend. My husband is very busy and works a lot. I don't get much time with him during the week at all, but he is always free on Saturday and so he gets most of that day and night. Then there is my boyfriend. He has a lot of free time and we spend a lot of time together through out the week. Never the less, when I am with my husband my boyfriend struggles. Especially at night he gets sad and lonely. ...My boyfriend is very new to the poly concept and while he wants to be with us... he still struggles sharing me. What can I do to help? What can I suggest for him to do? My husband gets Saturday nights and these are the hardest for him. Are there any threads on this? (He is from another country. English is his second language. He can't drive and he doesn't have many friends. you can see that makes typical solutions to this problem difficult for him.)

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