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So many changes in the week since I posted. miss p and I have known for a while that moving in together would save us a shit ton of money, rent, gas back and forth, not to mention the hassle of one of us packing up every week to visit the other. But I didn't want to move in with her *just* to save money. She had a lot of health and anxiety issues that caused me to feel tension around her. Her lack of confidence also impacted her sex drive which I have found moderately to extremely frustrating.

Also, she had 2 large dogs and in a city apartment, that's more added action, barking, dog food, neediness, etc., that I didnt enjoy.

Well, one of her dogs died late last summer and while it was sad, it does add to the tranquility factor. Not to mention half the expense in dog food.

miss p's confidence in the past year has really grown and somehow the past several months her sex drive just keeps increasing. I hardly dared to trust it but we talked about it and it seems to be a true development for her, not just a fluke. Whew!

Both our current leases are up soon, mine in April, hers in July, and we'd just started talking about getting a place a bit south of Boston together, and closer to Ginger.

Well, what do you think? Her... bf? ex-bf? ex-Master? M, is just about to close on a very large house with his gf. They are both busy professionals and not domestic at all. They never had a falling out, but just found it difficult to get together because of transportation issues. M offered miss p a full time, live in housekeeper position! She would get free room and board and a floor of the house to herself. He totally respects miss p's relationship with me and while I wouldn't live there, I would be welcome at any time. Also miss p could set her own job description, and is free to decorate the entire house with her own extra furniture and collectibles.

This offer has really throw us for a loop! She'd be able to save even more money this way, yes. But, I still want to move. I am tired of my 3rd floor apt in Lowell, and want a first floor with a bit more nature around it, and it would be lovely to be closer to Ginger. Would that arrangement bring me closer to Ginger and bring miss p closer to M? Yes. Our dynamic would change a lot... even if she doesn't really forge a satisfying sexual relationship with M, she would become much more involved with him and his gf and the large circle of kink friends they will be often if not constantly hosting.

Food for thought! Eek!
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