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Thank u all. Great insight and words of wisdom. Sometimes u can read things in other posts...but when its being told directly to makes sense. Well the time together has gotten better. He finally told her she just needs to stay home sometimes...that he and i need our time together. I guess more often than not she just comes over in the evenings if she isnt there already. Doesnt say anything to either one of us. Anyway...still not dealt with the i love u. Not causing me distress...just discomfort.
Recently he and i were talking and he mentioned that she would like it if he were able to come over her house sometimes. I was okay with that. He does anyway... just not for "date nights". But this morning...she said she would like to know if its okay to have sleepovers once in a while at her house. Now this is distressing. Im trying not to be selfish...and of course he and i need to talk about it. But im almost in full blown panic attack here. Lol.
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