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Default Thank you all for your answers and suggestions...

I obviously don't like it that he can't sleep and that he feels uncomfortable because I care about him...but also my boyfriend's place is not very comfortable (only a twin bed) and I prefer to be home...but most importantly we all want to live together one day so eventually this needs to be worked out...Also,we have all had sex before...the threesome is sort of how he became my boyfriend.

We talked about it, all three of us...we are open to trying the following: My boyfriend and I are going to try to make a sex tape for him to watch...and we will see if that helps...also, we might try having another threesome. It will be the first since things have gone from lust to love...Also, we talked about sound cancelling headphones... of right now I'm staying at my boyfriend's and sleeping in the twin with him

What did you guys do? In the beginning I mean...all three of us are new to this life style.
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