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Default Polyamory, UUs, and Christianity

Originally Posted by Ravenesque View Post
I didn't and still don't feel the UUs would clash with my spirituality, politics or any of my identities. Nevermind my slight aversion to the word "church." I feel it would be a good supplement in my spiritual path.

I would like to find a spiritual center that my love also enjoys. He is Christian and accepting of my spirituality.
An independent group called UU Christian Fellowship (UUCF,, is connected with Unitarian Universalism. UUCF leadership knows about polyamory. I'm a member of UUCF and a trustee of UUs for Polyamory Awareness.

It's possible to be either poly or Christian or both in a UU church, and be fully welcomed and included. You might need to provide a little education, but it's well worth it. I'd be happy to talk with you or your husband more, here, on the UUPoly email list, or in private email.


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