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Originally Posted by fleurisseur View Post

So, back to the point, the woman may easier be BISEXUAL, because she may adapt herself faster/better than a man...

Furthermore (no insult, no offense, it is just something I noticed), bisexual women are "more clever" and "more generous", and have a faster brain.
So human female bisexuals:
...adapt faster...more clever....more generous?

Right. well far be it from me to question that, but maybe there's an alternate explanation for men's behaviors, maybe.....

Men are conforming to a model of strict social/sexual behaviour if we want to be sexually accepted by most other men and most women! That's shown a bit in this forum from time to time with women, just being honest, who do not find the thought of a guy sucking a dick very masculine.

It could be just that simple. Maybe the more interesting question (to me, and I am trying to be humble, but this topic does cause me to question things), would be to find out the whys behind societies preferences for how a sexual man should act.

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