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Originally Posted by Krazykitty View Post
Perhaps a bit unconventional, but I've found that giving up sugar will stop recurrent yeast infections... this was just me though. Oh, and eating tons of plain yogurt. Best of luck ... I'm the survivor of many years of chronic yeast problems, I totally understand!!
can't agree more. i used to get yeast infections until i changed my diet. the change was in reaction to a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome but a wonderful side effect is i haven't had a yeast infection in over a year. i cut out sugar first, since then i have cut out other stuff like dairy but the yeast infections left me when i stopped taking the sugar. might be worth a try then, bearing in mind everybody is unique of course.
drinking plenty of water is important as a prevention too.
once the infection is already there, i have found garlic to be a powerful remedy. not so much eating it as actually sticking a clove up inside your vagina
and leaving it there as long as you can. i know it may sound odd to some but i was advised to try it by a qualified and experienced healer and it worked well for me


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