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Default What's love got to do with it? ;>)

My first day on the site and what a wonderful question to find. Like most, I've learned more from my failed relationships than anything. One thing that seems to have sunk in is that love, true love, the kind we seek - apart from all the other things we use the one word for - has little to do with feelings at all. Feelings fly across the surface of our beings, ever changing.

Infatuation is a feeling. Affection, lust, these are feelings. Love. Well, that is a behavior that provokes feelings.

I'm really mystified by folks whose behavior demonstrates love but who are reluctant to put it into words. Since when are words more powerful than behavior?

Do it, say it, feel it.


p.s. I don't know all the lingo yet so call me a guy with an abundance of affection that perhaps needs a poly environment to thrive.
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