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Like I said it is a small town. (actually pretty small) and I am sure i would be judged for any move that I made out of the "ordinary." (already have been I am sure) I have young children and so do they which makes things even harder at times. Don't want anyone judging any of our children because of adult actions. I truly feel our kids would be ok about it all since they are all best friends and love all of us but still.. the perception of ignorant others can hurt..

As far as she and i? (he and I get along fine and can talk about most things anytime but...) She is wary of me... understandable since they split up for a while this fall and he and istill hung out.. but The whole intire time they were split though.. i missed her... And he did too....

Again.. I have to say this is all new to me. It is something that just happened that I had no thought about or control over. Again.. something I never thought about. Especially having feelings for someone of the same gender.... But the feelings are there still...
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