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I guess I am looking for advise...

I kinda fell into a situation that I never dreamed could happen. I am from a small town.. Divorced and have a couple that are good friends of mine. (Friends before the divorce) Anyway.... I completely connected with both of them ( him first but both in the grand scheme of things), however, being female it was (is) easier for me to show my affection to the male partner of the couple... Being from a region that is conservative...that is what i know. but.. getting into this whole relationship I found out that showing my affection to her was natural and at times I had no problem with it but hard at the same time. Since our first incounter in this compasity it has been all relationships are at times i guess ( details? don't want to go into at this point) but as I guess I am.. a secondary.... I need help and advise since this is all new to me....
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