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Default Written communication

One key I find to good communications is to just acknowledge them as exactly that - a communication.
They are not direct actions etc. This is especially true in places like this where it's limited to written communications and you're devoid of tonality, facial expression, body language etc. People have a wide variance in culture, language, language skills etc and it's important to try to grasp the general concept of what they're trying to express. Avoid taking things too literally. Don't "assume" tone. When in doubt of the overall meaning - ask for clarification before assuming you understand.
And if you feel you have any need what-so-ever to go on the defensive, remember that it's pointless. You are who you are, you believe what you believe, and providing you've expressed it clearly enough for all to understand, you have no need to "defend". Clarify if necessary - for your own and everyone else's benefit - but if you feel a need to defend - there's probably more analysis necessary.

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