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Default Worthwhile topic

I think this would be a really pertinent topic to delve into. I can see a lot spin-offs in a really positive direction that could affect everyone regardless of lovestyle preferences. There are many laws/policies that are really outdated that need to be looked at and changed anyway.
Is anyone else interested in developing a list of any & all known laws & policies that would be potentially impacted by poly lifestyles ?
As I mentioned somewhere before - I have a feeling most of these could be dealt with via contract anyway (which to me is all marriage is) but it would be useful to analyze as complete a list as possible as well as address what "default" rules/judgements would apply in absence of such contract.

I'll start with just a few from the U.S that spring to mind and hopefully others can add more from here & other countries.

1> Health benefits
2> Tax obligations
3> Parental rights
4> "Family" rights/permissions (medical emergencies etc)

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