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If I were genebean? I would say something like
"Thank you for sharing your opinion. However I did not ask for it.

I see you do not believe bisexuals exists. I do and am. We could agree to disagree.

But after today please stop discussing that topic with me unasked for. Please stop talking about my relationship with Penguin like it is also a "phase" and not a serious relationship. That is not being a good, respectful friend to me.

Would you enjoy it if I told you out of the blue and unasked for that when you are done with your "lesbian phase" and break up with whoever you are currently with, you should "try bisexual relationship" next? Would that be me doing kind, loving, respectful behavior toward you -- my friend? No.

So let's try to keep the "friend" part lifted up first here even when we do not agree on things. We could agree to disagree and let this topic GO. Are you willing to do that?"
And then leave it there.

But I am not genebean and neither are you.

If this friend said this in your presence YOU could say all that.

If genebean is sharing this knowledge and you don't find it comfortable knowledge to hold...
  • A) You could tell genebean you don't enjoy this, and to please stop telling you about the pushy lesbian friend stuff. Be her friend but leave you out because it bothers you to hear about GENEBEAN not standing up for the shared relationship. Genebean cannot help other people behavior -- they control that. But you are disappointed in your partner's behavior -- telling you yucky and her response of....nothing?
  • B) You could ask genebean to tell the pushy lesbian the above in green.
  • C) You could do both A and B
  • D) You could do nothing.
  • E) You could pick something entirely different! Something I've not yet thought of.

You have many choices. But is it annoying? Yes. I would find it annoying and see where it could annoy you the lesbian friend stepping on toes.

But I'd be more bothered by my partner not handling it. Tell me yucky and that you did X about it -- alright then. Thanks.

Don't tell me yucky just to spread yucky around. For what?


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