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As someone who plays videogames, I agree that they are more addictive than other games, such as tabletop games for instance. It might be due to the stimulation it provides which is different. Either way, I've had times playing video games for hours on end, forgetting to eat, realising I had played all day when I noticed it was the end of the night.

This has never happened to me with other games, especially social games. Social games (tabletop RPGs, board games, card games) have a strong social component, which means taking a break to order pizza is still part of the experience. With video games, you are more "inside" of them, meaning you need to get "out" of the experience to do something else. It's similar to movies in that aspects, except that you can get tired of movies faster because they don't require as much input from you, and constantly receiving information only is more "boring".

Mind you, with this being said, I have had similar experiences with movies and TV shows, watching episode after episode and forgetting about everything else. So I would say video games should be seen as "video" rather than "games" in the addictive department.

When I play a card game, or a board game, I get tired faster. I've played a pen and paper RPG for 6 hours, but that's pretty much my maximum. I've played a video game for 20 hours and only had to stop because I needed to sleep, not due to boredom.

I love videogames, and I would not want them banned or restricted (I think it's everyone's responsibility, just like with other addictions) but I would be dishonest if I said I did not think they were addictive, just like gambling, and in a similar way, actually, or being rewarded for playing.

I think it's absolutely possible to moderate yourself though, and I think that the time spent playing, on its own, isn't what matters, as some people might actually have a career that revolves around gaming, in which case it's not intruding with their lives, since it's part of their day to day life in a way that doesn't hurt the rest of it.
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