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Wow, what wonderful replies! Thank you so much.

SC- I found your comment about counseling really on point. He and I definitely need to work on us and our marriage and then move on to dealing with poly issues. He did recently agree to listen to me read the Five Love Languages. That is HUGE to me. We are a few chapters in but this is the first thing we have done together to improve our relationship.

Kevin- Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the suggestions. I agree that there are no bad guys here. I really dropped a bomb on him by changing. I didn't understand there even was an alternative to monogamy for a decade of our marriage. I pray that we can get through this rough time and make a strong partnership. I really love him and I'm not afraid of work, sacrifice, and patience. We have built a beautiful family and I want to be an example for our children on how to love.

It feels great to be understood. It took me forever to actually post something but I'm darn happy that I did!
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