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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
There are polys who cannot be in mono relationships. To be in a relationship where they are not allowed to pursue other relationships can leave them feeling trapped, stifled, and like they're sacrificing their own needs for those of their partner. It "is unsavoury to them and can even scar them emotionally."

A homosexual can be without a relationship, but if s/he is in one, it must be homosexual. The poly described above can be without multiple relationships, but if s/he is in one, it must be nonmonogamous.

Similarly, some monos cannot be in a poly relationship. They need to know that they are the only person their partner loves.

And then you have the "bisexuals of poly" who can be in either a mono relationship or a poly relationship depending on the polyness of their partner.

So whether you're talking about the extremes of the Kinsey scale or including the orientations in the middle, there are equivalences with the poly case. I see them as completely "on par."
I'm not talking about lack of compatibility - one wants poly but their current partner wants mono. I'm talking about someone wanting and having the option to be with many partners but presently has only one. It isn't as if they cannot be in that kind of relationship because it is only one person. They are not oriented to be unable to such as saying "well you are but one person and that makes being sexual with you icky to me. Come back with some more people in tow and we'll talk." That is how being poly is different from sexual orientation.
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