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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
Sure, I'll try.
We are speaking of someone who is entirely homosexual rather than somewhere in between on the Kinsey Scale. While a homosexual person is a homosexual person whether they are having sex or not, they do need their sexual partner to be of their own gender to be fulfilled in having that sex. If you stick to strictly love of the romantic variety they will have romantic love for someone of their own gender. Trying to do otherwise is unsavory to them and can even scar them emotionally.

Same set up for a heterosexual only with the opposite gender.

Someone who feels compelled to have many sexual partners doesn't need to have sex only in a group sex situation. Having sex with only one person at a time will not be emotionally scarring for them. Someone who is capable of having many romantic loves doesn't need every romantic relationship to consist of them and another twosome, threesome etc for them to feel love at all. They may want another person to love also but it won't scar them emotionally to have a romantic love with only one person. It just means if they love ONE person and another person they are compatible with comes along wanting the same, they can do so without a loss of love for the first person.
There are polys who cannot be in mono relationships. To be in a relationship where they are not allowed to pursue other relationships can leave them feeling trapped, stifled, and like they're sacrificing their own needs for those of their partner. It "is unsavoury to them and can even scar them emotionally."

A homosexual can be without a relationship, but if s/he is in one, it must be homosexual. The poly described above can be without multiple relationships, but if s/he is in one, it must be nonmonogamous.

Similarly, some monos cannot be in a poly relationship. They need to know that they are the only person their partner loves.

And then you have the "bisexuals of poly" who can be in either a mono relationship or a poly relationship depending on the polyness of their partner.

So whether you're talking about the extremes of the Kinsey scale or including the orientations in the middle, there are equivalences with the poly case. I see them as completely "on par."
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