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Originally Posted by fleurisseur View Post

...I am not here to discuss "your opinion"...
Well, that is unfortunate.

I happen to agree with SC's opinion - and so may many people that may be the very people that you are "searching" for - so you may want to examine YOUR opinion a little closer. The best way that I know to do that is to discuss those opinions. Since this is a public forum, it seems like this would be an ideal place to do so...unfortunately, you do not agree - so it seems as though we are at an impasse.

I wish you all the best - but I do think that "rule #2" is going to exclude the vast majority of people who could conceivably be interested.

I was also intrigued/put off by the requirement for ONE man and TWO women - like you are looking for cookie-cutter puzzle pieces to conform to some over-arching "plan" - should the "ONE man and TWO women" be a pre-existing unit or are you interviewing individuals for these positions? You also do not mention the sexual orientations of the existing family or the expectation for sexual orientations/sexual involvement of the the "ONE man and TWO women" that you are seeking - would a gay guy and two post-op MTF trannies be acceptable? Are they expected to have sex with ALL SEVEN existing family members - as well as each other? I've never been sexually attracted to 7 people at the same time in my LIFE, let alone NINE - and I am an admitted SLUT! (In my experience it is hard enough to get THREE people on the same page relationship-wise, but TEN...?)

Good luck with that...

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