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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Fair enough and good idea.

I don't actually run into either of those situations very often, so it's not something I've given any thought to.
Thank you. Several years ago this came up in my immediate family so it is something that I am attuned to (not the polygamy part but the "religious definition of marriage" part). My sister was getting married, and, although her husband-to-be seemed to be okay from what I could tell (although not my cup of tea) there were some religious "implications" that made the rest of us uneasy. (My father actually asked me to talk to my sister to make SURE that this wasn't some "brain-washing cult" sort of thing.) We had a SIX-HOUR conversation about what her religion and marriage meant to her - I was reassured that she was entering into this with "eyes-wide-open" and of her own free choice - HER choice. She is free to make whatever choices she sees fit in her own life - as a "protective older sister" I am free to express my concerns and ask questions...It's all good. They have been married for 10 years and raising some amazing kids (albeit, NOT the way that I would do it, but it is not MY life...)

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