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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
The reason why I've never agreed with poly being on par with sexual orientation is that no one is guaranteed to even find one intimate partner let alone many. Having an intimate partner isn't something each person is owed in life otherwise we'd start legislating in favor of sexual slavery.
I don't understand what you mean by "on par" with sexual orientation. Can you explain?

I am poly, but that doesn't mean I "need" multiple partners, any more than a mono person "needs" any partner at all. It simply means I have the capacity to maintain multiple romantic relationships and that I need to be allowed to pursue that. Mono means not having that capacity.

The Declaration of Independence doesn't guarantee happiness, it only guarantee the right to pursue happiness. That doesn't mean you'll catch it.

Paternity concerns are the creation of property laws rather than natural law. A child is never really illegitimate in any other way than with concern for property law. Since one can leave their property to anyone rather than having to leave it to biological ties, the concern for paternity has no rational worth; it won't benefit a biological tie more than it will anyone else who receives it. A child is always a child and each child has the same basic needs before any special needs specific to itself. Parenting isn't easier if the child is biological to the parent and biological parents are not always capable of fulfilling the role of parent even to a biological child.
I'm assuming you were not adopted. I've yet to meet an adopted person who does not feel some kind of abandonment issues. It doesn't seem to matter if the adoptive family is wonderful, loving, caring, and compassionate. There's always that feeling of "what would my life be like if I wasn't adopted?"

My husband was adopted. His adoptive sister never forgave him for it. She was not adequately prepared by the adoptive parents; suddenly, there was just this new baby in the house. She never considered him part of the family.

I would argue that paternity is also medically relevant. The complications of many inheritable diseases can be prevented with early detection through tests triggered by a family history. If your Dad isn't your biological dad, and you don't know it, you might not think to check.

But I agree that no child is illegitimate and that it's wrong for any parent to treat them as such.

My mom was an "accident." They already had 6 kids and they didn't want 7. My grandma never let her forget it. Her oldest sister was conceived out of wedlock, and likewise was seen as the reason that my grandma was alienated from her own family. But the two boys born 2nd and 3rd could do no wrong. Not cool, Grandma. Not cool.
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