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Originally Posted by AllieSpitznoggle View Post
My boyfriend wants a polyamorous relationship with another woman, and i don't. I don't like women, and am very selfish with my men. I also get jealous very easily. I'm so inlove with him, we've been together for quite sometime, and he is forcing this on me. He has tons of dating sites up, and he puts me on there, and answers to the messages as me. I don't know what to do, please help??
Have you told him how you feel? That's the first thing. If he doesn't know that you're not interested, then he can't react to that.

But even without that, I'm extremely against posting as you on dating sites. That's cruel to you and dishonest to them.

Go on the dating sites and report his profiles as abuse. All the sites I know of have a built-in mechanism where you can report photos and profiles as fake. Use these to have the site remove the profiles. For any that don't have a built-in mechanism, send the "help / contact us" link a message with a link to the profile, and tell them that this is your boyfriend trying to set you up with other girls for a threesome, and that you do not consent to it and you'd like them removed.

Another option would be to go on the sites using his login and contact all the women he's been in touch with, and let them know what he's done to you. What the heck, give them his real name and cell number while you're at it. His facebook page too. Go for a full-on smear campaign.

Then dump his sorry ass. Normally I would say "try to work it out" but this behaviour is abusive, and I never recommend working it out with an abusive partner.

I would probably even consider a restraining order on the grounds of posting your photo and information on dating sites. It depends on your jurisdiction whether that will fly, but it will certainly send him the message that his behaviour is 100% unacceptable.
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