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Originally Posted by Paulyamoros View Post
I have always felt that the traditional concept of marriage was archaic and went against human nature and modern psychology, but I have been too afraid to talk about those feelings at risk of being labeled as selfish, perverted, sinful, etc.
Hi Paulyamoros, welcome.

I feel sad to read this, and wanted to share why. My father has felt this way most of his life, I don't think he had words for it when he was very young; but he's in his 70s now, and I think he still feels the same way. Even though he's had two marriages, the first to my mother, and the second over 35 years now. He talks about it to me, but I get the feeling he hasn't had very many places in his life to talk about it. And when he has talked about it, he has been labeled those things and more.

I was a child in the 60s. I saw Hair, live on stage when I was very young (maybe single digits). Stranger In A Strange Land was almost a bible in my house.

I feel sad that there has been so little change in 'society' that folks still can't talk about whatever they need to talk about.

I'm encouraged by places like this forum. I have to believe that change occurs one individual at a time, and more children can speak their thoughts now than could in my day, even if not all of them can.

I'm glad you're beginning to feel validated, and glad that you're beginning to open to your wife.

again, welcome.
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