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Thumbs up Mission accomplished...

Awwww, poor Sour Pea! I saw the pic... owie, owie, owie!!!

In better news, I at least succeeded in instigating a policy change, here's the mass mailing that resulted from my messages:

Greetings APG members,

Regarding the recent mass emailing situation, this is notification that all messages sent out to the members of our group have been temporarily set to a Moderated Status.

Messages sent to the Mailing List must now be reviewed and approved or declined by either Organizer before being sent. We want to apologize for everyone’s inconvenience.

I appreciate everyone's patience while we work on a permanent solution so we have a group policy to prevent situations such as this.

These actions are not to single out or take a position regarding any of the parties involved in this or any other similar matters, this group is not the appropriate setting or venue to address personal issues.

The Organizers of the Alaska Polyamory Group want to maintain an environment that promotes polyamorous and non-monogamous interests and learning. We will be reviewing our options in regard to the future management and policy of our mailing list and personal matter’s addressed on our forums.


The APG Organizers
My reply:

I absolutely agree and appreciate your response. I would also like to respectfully request that the APG Organizers establish policies regarding addressing similar situations at Meetups and hosted events to prevent situations like this from occurring in the future. Regardless of personal differences, disagreements or histories, no one in in the poly community in Alaska should EVER feel like they cannot attend a group event due to rumors, gossip or personal information shared without their permission by other members.

While it's logistically impossible to enforce and prevent a member from behaving in that manner, voting in a zero tolerance policy would allow organizers to remove any member(s) of APG who violate the policies. I am not requesting that anyone be removed from this group, simply requesting that new policies be created to prevent future incidents. Realistically, wherever group dynamics and human emotions are involved there exists the potential for misunderstandings, hurt feelings, broken hearts and disagreements. Therefore, it is not simply because of this one situation that I make my heartfelt plea to the organizers of this group.

This was intended to be a SAFE community, free from judgement or retaliation for divergent views, beliefs, practices, philosophies, ideals or poly dynamics. I trust the APG Leadership will take steps to return this community to that standard and ensure that it continues to be a valuable, positive resource for poly individuals in Alaska for years to come.

My sincere thanks,

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