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Red face It was the least I could do

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
So, Thank you Midnightsun for writing the following to the Alaska Polyamory Meetup Group on my behalf. I don't know that it will do any good in terms of me being able to socialize with the group. But it does mean a lot to know that someone cares enough to publicly express their outrage over the allowing of inappropriate treatment of members.
Seriously, I wish there were more I could do LR. I have to confess I had fantasies of petitioning longstanding members of this group to infiltrate and overwhelm the AK Poly Group Meetup and enact a friendly takeover of the forum there... it's almost never used.

I simply can't fathom how your wisdom, guidance, insight and compassion can be so sincerely valued and appreciated here at, yet your own local community has determined you don't know what poly is "really" about and have no business participating in the lifestyle. Seriously? All because you DARE to have boundaries and expect them to be followed? Oh, and because you don't sleep with every person you meet that you find even mildly attractive?

I meant what I said when I called it "Guerrilla Polyamory." I'm so sorry, my friend, that what started out as an act of love has been corrupted and twisted into an act of war. Nearly everything I know about healthy, functional, respectful polyamory I've learned from Loving Radiance and from the other enlightened individuals at Not only have I learned much from you, LR, about poly, I've learned volumes in the last 8 years about being a woman, a lover, a friend, a wife and a human being.

Most importantly, I've learned priceless lessons about being ME... and for that, it's I who offer my thanks publicly to YOU. *hug*
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