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Default Thank you Midnightsun

Every so often when the shit hits the fan, someone stands up and says "hey-I just want to say-the shit being flung on this person is SHIT."

Too frequently this goes unacknowledged or it only gets a private thank you for the person whose covered in shit.

I'm not in a position to give a full public thank you to the person who stood up for me in regards to the shit being thrown all over me in the Alaska Poly groups.

But-I wanted to say thank you somewhere more public than a personal email.

So, Thank you Midnightsun for writing the following to the Alaska Polyamory Meetup Group on my behalf. I don't know that it will do any good in terms of me being able to socialize with the group. But it does mean a lot to know that someone cares enough to publicly express their outrage over the allowing of inappropriate treatment of members.
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