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Grotto's birthday went really well. He invited a group of his close friends to drinks at his house. Ocean was in high spirits; he clicked with one of Grotto's workmates and the two of them were having animated conversations on the balcony.

Bijou and I stole some time away from everyone to chat (she had to work through her lunch break that day, so we didn't get a chance to talk earlier as planned.) She said she really respected our relationship (i.e. Grotto's and mine), didn't want to intrude on our private space, etc. All good stuff. Then we made out a bit, and had to drag ourselves back to being sociable.

Meanwhile, Grotto's trying to figure out where everyone's gonna sleep, having no idea Bijou & I have already conspired about the bedtime arrangements. Needless to say, he had a very happy birthday Bijou & I texted the next day about how much fun we had and how high we felt. Life is good.
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