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Originally Posted by ABQTrio View Post
So the problem and where I need advice: Our partner is a very loving and conscientious man. He has struggled his entire adult life with his sexuality (i.e. being gay/bi) with his faith as a Bible-believing Christian. Clearly they don't reconcile. .
I had my spiritual epiphany in 2004, and became a Christian ( and a legally ordained minister). In 2006, I abandoned Christianity and held on to my epiphany. In 2007 I came in contact with the spirits, and in 2008 I became a Shaman. My epiphany has held through all of the trials, and my knowledge of the actual quotes and parables of Jesus has grown as well. I cannot reconcile my epiphany, my understanding of the Bible, and Christianity. I do not believe, and never will believe in the Trinity, which is a fundamental and required Christian belief. I personally witnessed a Mormon Bishop weeping during a testimony meeting in front of an entire assembly because he had been accused of "not being a Christian." He was not a Bishop at the time, but became one shortly after. Mormons do not believe in the trinity but follow Jesus as if He is God and feel slighted when accused in such a manner.

My Jesus is not God. He was a wise man, for sure. He communicated with the spirit, for sure. He might have been the "begotten Son of the Living God," but I cannot prove that, and avoid the expression without the disclaimer (the expression is a hearsay exclamation). I am not a Christian. I can read the Bible without some person trained in black arts telling me what it means.

Christianity is so strange. There are 100 or more denominations which will tell you that they are the "one and only true" Church. That makes 99 out of 100 preachers "trained in the black arts." My odds work out considerably better if I forego the training and read the Bible directly and pray to the Father directly.

I am not Gay, but I do not believe that Jesus ever intended to deprive any person of their dignity and choice when it harmed no other human. If Jesus had ever intended to deprive a man of his dignity and choice in such manner, do you think He would have said;" Do unto others as you would have done unto you?" and "On these commandments hangs all of the law and all of the prophets?" Go in peace, when you find it within your heart to do so.

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