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Originally Posted by rubyfish View Post
We joke about moving to a commune, but it's not far from what I'd want. Five or six adults all intertwined in some way, living together and supporting each other. Perhaps having children, perhaps not.
I've thought about that before too lol. Intentional communities attract me in many ways.

I have a few relationship ideals. I don't have one that is the best out of the bunch. Like PittDruid I would like life to unfold as it will, hopefully positively.

But I like how you say "all intertwined in some way, living together and supporting each other." As well as the portion about children. Come what may.

I'd like a home filled with love and support. The right amount of loves so not to feel crowded or lonely. I don't know what number that would be lol. Tending the garden together. Celebrating life and nature. And there still being the possibilities of relationships outside of those within the home.

Another incarnation of my ideal is less people living together but with constant involvement between loves who live together with those that don't.

The setup would be non-hierarchical for any of these ideals.

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