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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
... MrS clearly understands that. He has taken the time to understand you, and figure out how to support you. Then he does the little things it takes to actually be supportive. He walks the walk so to speak. ...
I think that you are exactly right. A friend of ours once asked MrS how he always knows just what will make me happy, that he should write a "how to" book. MrS says Chapter One would be "Pay Attention." - not really paying attention to me personally (although sometimes I want that) but paying attention to what I like, what makes me uncomfortable, what relaxes me, what energizes me. For me, it isn't about big presents and flashy sweeping declarations of love - it's setting up the coffee pot before he goes to bed if I have an early day, noticing when I need cuddles and when I need quiet when I get home from work, bringing me tasty foods to try, etc. (To be fair, MrS says I'm "easy to please" - it doesn't take a lot to get me grinning at his thoughtfulness )

I am truly a "lucky girl"!

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