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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
err, 5 times in ONE WEEK? Surely thats unreasonable?
Of course it is, but it sounds like my house. We have had more fights about my husband's "volunteering" than anything else. I have come to accept, that he needs to volunteer for stuff, but we have also, after 10 years , figured out how I can let him know that it's too much. He truly doesn't see when it's becoming a problem. It was a bigger deal when the kids were little and I couldn't get involved in stuff I liked because someone had to help with homework, and get them to bed on time, etc.

For family vacations, I would ask for his schedule, then plan our vacation around his schedule. A few times, he tried to schedule something at the same time. I basically told him "That's fine, but the kids and I are taking the car and are still going on the vacation we already planned, you want to blow us off, that's your choice." He ended up coming with us.

I do have to schedule well in advance (in great big BOLD letters on the calendar) things like cleaning out the garage, etc.
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