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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
It's real easy to let the "commitments" pile up that we forget to live. Sightseeing with the kid can be awesome, especially if they get to help plan it. Plan short trips that allow for last minute detours. I did Washington DC with my 17 year old this year and we both had a blast. We negotiated, so the boy could re-visit his favorite museum multiple times, which meant I missed a few things I wanted to see, but so what, the kid got an experience he won't forget and I got a happy teenager.
one weekend around April May, I knew we were in trouble. I wanted to schedule time to talk, and work through a relationship book with her.

Hell, there were cubs Fri night, beavers Sat morn, then a cubs parade Sunday = nearly all day. then she had cubs committee meeting - Tue night, Wed night, Thu night. I asked her to resign as a volunteer. So she went to see her leader, she told me - to give 6 weeks notice. She came back having let herself be talked into another year.

err, 5 times in ONE WEEK? Surely thats unreasonable?
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