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Katrpillar- thank you for your post, that really does sound just like what I need to do right now. Q is busy, stressing over all the changes in his life, and I think A has sort of stepped back to let things settle, so despite the fact that this is a scary time for me and I wish I could get more time, attention, and reassurance, I believe that right now- he is doing the best he can and I am going to have to give him some space and patient with him and myself.

What you do with your hubby sounds just like what I need to do right now with Q. So I am going to do my best to just- have faith and try to remember to breathe and hope that things will settle for us soon and we'll be better able to reconnect as a couple and a trio again. Still a little nervous, still a little bothered by a few things, but trying not to stress over them or stress him over them right now and just be calm, stable, and supportive of him while we try to get through this difficult patch.
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