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Originally Posted by Marathoner View Post
In the last week, have your efforts to be reassuring and loving worked?

What about efforts to give him more info? Have you told him when you were going out on a date, where you'd be, and when you'd be back? Does he like this info, or did it backfire?
Thank you Marathoner, He is going through a rough patch right now so I feel the need to hide sex with MM during the day.

We talked about therapy and how I didn't make this choice until I left no stone unturned. He agreed but really said nothing of substance so he is clamming up. He wanted to go snowboarding alone without his son, my stepson. He snapped at me and told me to butt out and not text Jr.
MM says he has another woman. I would love my relationship out in the open but I need to be here at night for him. I also told him that it was better this way and I would not want to force him to have unwanted sex. Sex = love for me so I am reprogramming self. Until I get him to stop snapping MM will be hidden. Never would my H want him in sight. He was upset, looked in the fridge and didn't want me cooking for MM/giving him leftovers. I thought, why did he bring that up. I won't wait another 3 years for sex. H will tend not ask me anything about MM anyway.

I didn't receive the usual flowers for our anniversary. I backed out of cooking our candle light anniversary dinner, then cooked it several days later

Thank you kindly and if you see me regressing please tell me.

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