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Originally Posted by hyena View Post
Not to be the naysayer/finger-wagger here, but... I'd argue the problem has less to do with songs not being about poly, and more about most songs being poorly written. Pretty much any love song containing the words "forever" or "one and only" that is not told from a (specifically intended) very naive sensibility is probably not winning any lyrical awards to begin with.

Again, not to be a judgmental jerk.

Most of the songs I've heard that are specifically poly are either A) sorta novelty songs (AKA anything with the word "polyamory" in the title), or B) more about how unusual or unattainable the situation/wants of the protagonist are...
You're not being a jerk! I completely agree with you. I'm not looking for songs that mention polyamory, but just some less "poorly written" songs, as you say A lot of songs I've been hearing are (unintentionally) naive, and it's particularly annoying me that they involve so many monogamy-fairytale assumptions.

But if you're just looking for really awesome love songs that are more honest and complex, pretty sure nobody does it like John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats.
Thank you I'm trying to get a big collection (hopefully I can replace a lot of the songs that bother me in my playlists now )
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