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Default Hello and thank you

Firstly, thank you for this forum. I didn't even know there was such a thing as polyamory until recently. I don't feel like I'm so weird now or that my husband and I's overall view of relationships, sex and love is out of place in a wider world.

We're pretty typical for a couple creeping closer to 40 every day (family, career, kids, house, ect). We've been married for nearly 12 years and we deviate from the 'norm' in our past experiences with opening up our marriage to various degrees in the past. Three years ago we experimented with swinging and had overall positive experiences and met some really nice people. We didn't pursue that lifestyle because my husband and I are not very into casual sex (and weren't even when single) and found that we would much prefer an actual relationship to be there to some degree in order for things to feel right.

Two years ago I had a friendship that had crossed into 'intimate' territory. This wasn't the first time that had happened with me but it was the first time since I was married. My husband knew and didn't have any issues with the relationship. My husband has always known that I'm a little different and we've talked often over the years about various scenarios.

I started looking around online because I was curious if there were other people out there who shared a similar mindset. One that says you can love more than one person and have that relationship add to your life and to the ones who love you closest. The stories and posts on this site are a great inspiration and I'm glad to have stumbled across it, especially as so much of what I was finding had more to do with polygamy and its failures. Was a tad disheartening.

I look forward to "lurking" a bit more, reading a bit more and hopefully coming to a fuller understanding of my own feelings.
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