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Default New Poly, Fem. hinge for 2 hetero males - Valentine's Day help needed

I'm a female in a vee relationship with two heterosexual men. Does anyone in the same situation have suggestions for me for Valentines Day? I want to be with both of them...I want to celebrate them and thank them for loving me and I want to do something romantic and special for them...but how do I make them both feel special on the same night???
I will have the same problem on my birthday...who gets me on my birthday?
On New Years Eve we went out together had an awesome night, slept together in a king was nice but no one had sex...there has to be a better way.
We might try a threesome...they are open to it...but I'm scared. What if it doesn't work and then the a romantic night turns to hurt feelings...
I just want them both to feel loved, appreciated, and get fucked. Isn't that what V'day is all about?
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