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Originally Posted by hyena View Post
I love the term "greater vintage".

That's what is interesting to me. I've known plenty of people that have been (for lack of a better term) "free-love", and occasionally their definitions sync up wonderfully with mine, but I'm amazed at how well the entire term "poly" has made it around. Even with the older folks. I mean all of this, of course, in a good way.
From my experience, a plurality of the people who actually identify as "polyamorous" today are 35 years of age and higher. They're either direct participants or products of a lot of the "free love" philosophy of the 60's and 70's and when the term "polyamory" came along they picked it up to describe what it was they were already doing. IIRC, "polyamory" didn't enter the OED till 2000 or so.

The younger generation seems to be in that phase where its practiced just not identified. I hear people talking a lot about how this generation is all about "transient" relationships and "hooking up" but I think our greater exposure to each other has just brought was was the normal state of affairs into the open.
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