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Default Hello from Atlanta, seeking poly friends

Hi all

for over a year now I have been exploring polyamory and speaking
with various people who live this style

I have been honest with woman I have met in this time that I am
not seeking the monogamous relationship or the one - but at the
moment I can't really say that I am in such a lifestyle

I believe this will be the wave of the future, for people to be able to
be themselves without judgment and to love as they feel to do so

the goal of this intro is two fold - first to meet other people open to
poly who are close to Atlanta and second just to make new friends
who are open to discuss their ideas and experiences

I also am a very spiritual person and perceive poly as an extention
of the oneness of all things, that all of us are already connected
and that as an extention of universal laws, love of many is more
natural then the limitation of the traditional family

anyway if anyone feels inspired to write back, I would welcome it

a good week to one and all

the friendly explorer
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