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Some poly people stop dating and the transition from dating to being friends is so subtle outsiders may not even notice the difference, while others in their breakups cause explosions that tear apart social circles of dozens of people, as with so many people dating each other if two have a bad breakup and one expects their friends/partners to have nothing to do with them then much more drama can ensue than a normal friend circle where everyone may have been friends, but not so many lovers.

After I saw this happen a couple times in one poly circle I began branching out to others for friendships and haven't dated anyone from the original circle, just keeping them as friends.

It can be good practice, both in monogamy and polyamory, to look at how people have broken up in the past/how they relate to exes if you can find out. Ginko pays close attention to how people describe their exes, with the understanding that they could easily end up describing her in the same way.
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